2001, Toyota Yaris SR.

In another lucky moment, my wife was able to swap this SR model Yaris for her old GS model one!. This one has a 1.3 engine and is in better physical and mechanical condition, plus already has a better bodykit as standard, saving a bunch of money!

And yes, the modifications started the very next day! As we weren't able to remove all the modifications from the old yaris, this one has less done to it. It's already had a cherry bomb back box installed, and is in the process of having the pioneer stereo fitted. (All the stereo harness was cut so needs to be re-wired.)
Plans for more window tints and a de-cat are already in motion!

Team Defiant Code Name: TDR ST04
Make: Toyota
Model: Yaris SR
Chassis Code: XP10
Engine: 2NZ-FE
0-60 Time: 12.1 Seconds
Top Speed (mph): 109

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