1991, Mazda 323f GT.

This is the oldest of the cars I've owned but by no means the worst. A bargain which could not be turned down!
I bought this because I could! I didn't need it, but I wanted it. I decided to give it to the wife as her first car, but that didn't work out.
Due to my lack of money and inability to afford to run three cars, (And the fact I don't want to see it slowly rot in my back garden) I was forced to sell this car. :( As I mentioned with the white Mazda, the guy who bought this still hasn't finished paying me for it, so can drop dead at any time! (#NotBitter)

Team Defiant Code Name:
Make: Mazda
Model: 323f GT
Chassis Code: BG
Engine: BPDE
0-60 Time: 8.6 Seconds
Top Speed (mph): 125

Engine, Exhaust And Transmission

Alloys, Brakes & Suspension


Interior & In-Car Entertainment