1995, Lexus LS400.

Originally bought so I can rip the engine out to fit into a Lexus IS300 body when I find one, the sheer luxury-ness of this car has now swayed me enough that the LS will be the only daily driver I'll ever own! (I'll only get another LS when looking for another main car.)
Everything about this car is amazing, all round heated leather seats, electric everything, and the 262hp V8 delivers loads of torque and power that will launch you towards the limited top speed of 155mph. Not bad for a 1.6 ton barge!

At this point, only rear window curtains and a neochrome gear knob are the only modifications done to this car. (For now!)

Team Defiant Code Name: TDR ST03
Make: Lexus
Model: LS400
Chassis Code: UCF20
Engine: 1UZ-FE
0-60 Time: 7.1 Seconds
Top Speed (mph): 155

Engine, Exhaust And Transmission

Alloys, Brakes & Suspension

225/50/17 Mazda 3 Alloys Refurbished in Anthracite
15mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers (Front)
6mm Wheel Spacer Shims (Rear)
Neochrome Tuner Wheel Nuts


6000k Bi Xenon HID Conversion
Full LED Bulb conversion
Iridium Tinted Head/Side Lights

Interior & In-Car Entertainment

QI wireless charging plate.
VIP Rear Curtains
Razo Neochrome Gear Knob