Project Street

Project Street: A racing game for consoles with an additional Augmented Reality companion app.
I wanted to develop a new racing game using a games as a service model. Id create a framework for a game and expand upon it with additional downloadable content. That content would be cars, visual car parts, and new locations.
I wanted to do something different from other racing games, so this one would feature more point to point races based on real life public roads, with a few licensed race tracks.
There would be a few game modes included in the initial release of the game.
  • Showoff, A timed burnout pit type event where burnouts, drifts and proximity to scenery gets you the high scores.
  • Sprint mode, where you race a point to point race to get the fastest time.
  • And Circuit mode, where you race a closed loop circuit to get the fastest lap time.
There are currently no online stores where this game can be acquired.